The Bhutanese Love Triangle

India and China standoff in Bhutan over roadworks. It can probably unanimously be said that the Eastern world is a constant source of news. Whether it’s the floods the southern part of the continent is facing, the Philippine drug war or – just for a change – Kim Jong-Un’s current bear-poking antics, all eyes seemed … Continue reading The Bhutanese Love Triangle


US Judge Halts Deportation of Over 100 Iraquis

144 Iraqis in Detroit have had their deportations temporarily delayed thanks to a humanitarian judge Ever since the infamous 9th of November, immigrants to the United States of America - a name that’s becoming more sarcastic with every passing day - have feared deportation and rightfully so. Not two weeks ago the US Immigration and … Continue reading US Judge Halts Deportation of Over 100 Iraquis

Wonder Woman: The Real Conflict

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is back in the spotlight following DC’s new film and the 50th Anniversary of the Six Day War.   Traditionally, the words ‘DC Comics’ and ‘controversial debate’ are not ones you hear in the same sentence - outside of Comic Con that is. Yet this week, they have been brought together in … Continue reading Wonder Woman: The Real Conflict

Macron’s Strong Beginning

Emmanuel Macron has been in office as French President for three days. Opinion piece by Amandine Riche. The 7th of May allowed most of us to breathe a collective sigh of relief when Emmanuel Macron triumphed in the French Presidential elections over Marine Le Pen. Macron was inaugurated as the French President only a couple … Continue reading Macron’s Strong Beginning

First March for Science

Worldwide rallies have broken out today in protest of governmental ‘rejection of science’. BY AMANDINE RICHE Timed to coincide with Earth Day, thousands upon thousands of scientists have taken to the streets in order to protest against what they view as ‘a global political assault on facts’ (BBC). Inspired by the recent Women’s March, the … Continue reading First March for Science