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Classic Ghost Stories

Happy World Book Day!! In celebration, I’m sharing my thoughts on a slightly unusual book: an anthology of ghost stories… I’ll be honest, I bought this book almost entirely because of how beautiful the cover is. That and, despite being a huge scaredy-cat, I actually love ghost stories. Some of these I had read already, … Continue reading Classic Ghost Stories


Red, Blue and All The Colours in Between

The results of the US midterm elections reveal a high turnout and new minority representation This last week has been dominated by election news, some bad, some good, and some heartwarming (notably the election of Idris Elba as People Magazine’s 2018 Sexiest Man Alive). With the results of the United States midterms in, there has … Continue reading Red, Blue and All The Colours in Between

Vote Now Or For The Next Seven Years Hold Your Peace

Afghanistan holds first elections since 2009 Voting is something those of us lucky enough to live in the Western world often take for granted, whether it’s voting in the presidential elections or in the yearly shitstorm known as Eurovision. Rarely do we take the time to appreciate the ease with which we vote or do … Continue reading Vote Now Or For The Next Seven Years Hold Your Peace

Big Plastic Bag Ban

Plastic bags in India are being fazed out, in the hopes of abolishing all single-use plastic by 2022 The zeitgeist of the 21st century, it could be argued, is a serious concern for the environment and the consequences of modernism and technological advances on our planet and on the welfare of the human race. Wall-E … Continue reading Big Plastic Bag Ban

Pope Prosecutes Paedophile Priest

The Vatican Court sentences Carlo Alberto Capella for possession and distribution of child pornography As unsavoury behavioural patterns go, the stream of priests embroiled in child molestation and abuse scandals is a well documented one. Recent films such as Spotlight (2015) have brought the issue to light once again, and this past weekend it came … Continue reading Pope Prosecutes Paedophile Priest