Spotlight: Old Disney star is making a statement.

Is Hayley Kiyoko just what the LGBTQ+ community ordered?

BY Paulina Zielinska

Many people feel like they owe Hayley Kiyoko a great Thank you. She is known for her part of Stella on Disney’s Lemonade Mouth movie, or playing Velma in Scooby doo. However, these days are long gone and many people do not realise she has in fact turned to the music industry. She has been singing and songwriting all of her songs since 2013.

What makes her special is the songs she writes. We live in a modern world, which is constantly changing. Hayley’s song are electric and energising; she takes you on an adventure with every song you listen to- an adventure of being a queer woman.

Her song “girls like girls”, is self explanatory and has a montage of a pretty love story. It has 66 million views- it is fair to say this is just the representation the LGBT community needed.

Hayley is still working on new projects and released new songs since then, all of which are normalising gay relationships. Another song, “one night”, has a music video that also portrays a friendship between a straight boy and a transsexual. It shows the struggles many people have to go through, and leaves us with a flicker of joy, as the two get along and chat over a milkshake. Many years ago it would have been unacceptable, as time goes by people learn to use the internet outlets more and more to their advantages, to promote love and equality. It is extremely refreshing to see somebody, who is 25, be so eager and goal orientated.

On the behalf of the LGBTQ+ community, we would like to say thank you.




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