The Netherlands stands hand in hand against homophobia

Two high ranking Dutch politicians sparked a world-wide show of solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community when they were photographed walking hand in hand.
In response to an alleged attack on two men holding hands whilst walking in the city of Arnhem on Sunday, leader of the Democrats 66 party, Alexander Pechtold and fellow party member Wouter Koolmees were photographed walking hand-in-hand as they arrived for a government meeting. The powerful image of solidarity inspired a flood of similar images from across the world, which started trending with the hashtag: #allemannedhandinhand (all men hand in hand).
In the face of rising homophobia in the Netherlands the response to this incident is truly heart-warming, with men of varying occupations- from footballer to reverend- in locations around the globe posting pictures of themselves on social media, standing hand-in-hand against homophobia.
This incident is an excellent example of what can be achieved, when politicians are unafraid to make a statement, when we respond with love, not hate and when we all stand together in the face of ignorance.

Getty images (Pechtold (left), Koolmees, (right))


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