Turkey opens border to treat victims of possible chemical weapons attack

In response to the bombing of hospitals in Idlib treating those affected by an alleged chemical weapons attack, Turkey has opened its border crossing at Reyhanli to allow victims through for treatment.


In a show of solidarity with Syrians in need of care, Turkey has allowed victims of the alleged chemical attack to cross the border in order to receive the care they need. Despite Reyhanli having a history of coming under attack itself, the Turkish city is still willing to help others in need. In times like this, solidarity and care among people is of paramount importance.

The border between Syria’s Bab el-Hawa and Turkeys Reyhanli closed, without notice, on March the 4th “until further notice”. Emergency humanitarian cases have been let through in this time, and it looks like (according to Yahoo) the victims who have crossed the border have been “doused with water and loaded into ambulances”.

It is not clear what caused the symptoms seen in the victims of the attack- choking, vomiting, fainting and foaming at the mouth- but there has been some speculation about it being sarin gas. France, reacting very quickly, called for an emergency UN Security Council meeting, and Boris Johnson has said the UK would support an upcoming UN investigation. Through this investigation, we can hopefully learn more about what happened in the Idlib attack and how to prevent any further attacks of this kind.





[Picture, showing Syrians pushing their belongings over the border to Turkey in 2014: http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/syrians-push-a-cart-with-their-belongings-in-reyhanli-news-photo/462818163#syrians-push-a-cart-with-their-belongings-in-reyhanli-turkey-after-picture-id462818163 ]


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