Second St Petersburg train attack avoided

A second bomb was set to detonate in the St Petersburg Metro, but it was de-activated before the bomb could cause any harm.


11 people were killed during the bomb blast on a St Petersburg Metro train, and many more were injured, luckily the numbers were kept that low because the second explosive device left at a different metro station did not detonate. Bomb disposal squads found the second device in time after metro station staff reported it. They were able to ensure this second bomb did not cause any damage.

The second bomb, reportedly disguised as a fire extinguisher, was three times more powerful than the bomb that actually detonated. If it had not been found so quickly, it is likely many lives would also have been lost in Ploshchad Vosstaniya station.

The DNA from the suspected suicide bomber of the first St Petersburg attack was found on the second device. Although it is awful that lives were lost, by defusing the second bomb Russia showed that they can win against terror attacks.

Attacks such as these are persisting globally, but Russia’s work quickly and efficiently removing this potential harm is just one example of how we adapt, survive, and thrive- united against terror.



[Picture showing the deactivated bomb: From the Russian Archives/ Global Look press found online at Russia Beyond the Headlines]


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